Momentum Report: “Some Party That I Used To Know” (Updated 18 April 2013)

Thank you to everyone who has shared the “Some Party That I Used To Know” video with their family, friends, and fellow citizens through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

The response has been great! Here are some highlights:

YouTube View Count:
10, 248 (Views on YouTube in One Week)

Column: Calgary Herald
“Cooper: Redford’s government is no longer taken seriously”
“A recent example was an April 10 YouTube video parody, Some Party that I used to  Know, based on the Gotye megahit of last summer. It was put together by Amanda  Achtman (and yes, she is one of my students). It is very funny.”

Television: Sun News
“Some Party That I Used to Know”
“Mazal Tov!” – Ezra Levant

Column: CBC News
Premier Alison Redford shrugs off negative poll results”
“‘One surprise about having posted the video is that some people say, ‘Oh this song it’s overdone. That song is so 2012,’ she said. ‘Well our government is so 1971. The idea is that this has come and gone and that’s why the song is a perfect fit.’ Achtman says the point of the video is to engage the public in a political conversation.”

Radio: News Talk 770 with Angela Kokott (On April 11th and 12th)
“Political Song pokes fun at Tory dynasty”

Blog: Amanda Achtman
PCs = Political Censors – Amanda’s Twitter Account Suspended
(Record 850 views on
“We know the Progressive Conservatives don’t handle dissent very well. Yesterday, the last tweet I read before going to sleep said: ‘@AmandaAchtman stop spamming people.’ The next morning, my twitter account had been suspended.”

Blog: Up Close and Personal with Jane
“Alberta PCs: Some Party That I Used To Know”
“While I was only a member of the PC party for three weeks; I have many friends who are still hanging in there hoping for “change from within”.  For those who have left, I think Amanda has captured how they now feel.”

Blog: Troy Wason: Calgary VP, PC Association of Alberta
“The Evolution of the PC Association of Alberta”
“This post was written as a response to a video posting on YouTube suggesting that somehow the PCAA has deviated from it’s intended mission as a static political entity and has left behind it’s members.”

Blog: Cory Morgan ranting and raving: Political and Personal
“The Power of Social Media.”
“The foolish effort above [suspension of Amanda’s twitter account] of course then turned Achtman into an online grassroots martyr leading to radio and television coverage of the video. At times I swear the Redford gang will cross a street just to purposely step into a pile of dog crap.”

Blog: Joe Albertan
“Message received”
“Well done Amanda, the message was received loud and clear, probably louder than they wanted it to be.”

Top Tweets:

Resedico (@Resedico)
@AmandaAchtman Your video will probably cost Redford 10% of her support at PC leadership review.… #ableg #yyc #yeg
Sun News Network (@SunNewsNetwork)
#ABpoli @AmandaAchtman tells @ezralevant about her political parody video “Some party that I used to know” #ABleg
Danielle Smith (@ElectDanielle)
#twitter @AmandaAchtman has been unfairly spam blocked after releasing a very cool video. Please unsuspend her. RT if you agree! #ableg #wrp
Warren Mitchell (@warmitchell)
@Jaanikka @YEGlifer I had to take communications law in post sec. Disagree with your vids message. Not it’s right to exist. #ableg
The Invisible Hand (@TheInvisibleDan)
.@AmandaAchtman They trashed Ralph’s legacy and threw us back into debt. #someparty #freeamandaachtman #ableg
Rob in Red Deer (@RobinRedDeer)
@Support @AmandaAchtman was unfairly spam blocked by political opponents, please reinstate her account – thank you
Albertaardvark (@Albertaardvark)
The music video the Alberta PC’s don’t want you to see:… #ableg #abpoli #yeg #yyc #ymm @AmandaAchtman < now suspended.
Jane Morgan (@Jaanikka)
Conservative @AmandaAchtman is in #TwitterGulag for promoting this video… #TGDN Please RT don’t let #libs stop her.
Amanda Read (@SincerelyAmanda)
Dean Skoreyko (@bcbluecon)
And the university student who kicked some serious Alberta PC butt is back from Twitter Gulag @AmandaAchtman

Do you know someone who hasn’t seen the video yet? Share it now!


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