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100+ opportunities currently available for students including: summer seminars, internships, fellowships, mission trips, international travel, language programs, think tanks, educational institutes, foundations, essay contests, etc., etc.

Acton Institute
Acton University is the an event organized annually by the Acton Institute. Student rates are available for the conference and travel stipends are generously awarded to select students. The Acton Institute also has internships, fellowships, scholarships, co-sponsored Liberty Fund seminars, and more.

Adam Smith Institute (UK)
A UK based libertarian group with numerous opportunities including internships, seminars, and more.

Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp
AYEC is a week-long camp for youth ages 13- 15 who are interested in learning about business and entrepreneurship. The main focus of this camp is to educate youth about marketing, advertising, preparing a cash-flow statement and writing a business plan. Campers set up their own businesses and use real money which they borrow from actual bankers. The last day is “Business Day” at the camp, where campers have the opportunity to open and operate their businesses. The youth also get to participate in many fun recreational activities throughout their week at camp.

American Enterprise Institute Internships
Internships are available in Washington, D.C.  AEI internships provide students with an opportunity to work with some of America’s most renowned scholars, economists, political scientists, and foreign policy experts pursuing research on current public policy issues. The Institute provides an intellectually stimulating environment, rich with critical thinking, scholarship, and lively debate. The Institute also offers video contests and on-campus resources.

American Enterprise Institute Summer Program
The American Enterprise Institute brings together 25 select college undergraduates for an opportunity unlike any other in Washington: a monthlong, fully funded experience learning the principles of public policy analysis and discussing liberty, individual opportunity and free enterprise.

American Institute for Economic Research
The process of improving the focus and curriculum of the Summer Fellowship Program began in 2012, and will continue throughout this year. Stay tuned for news about the 2014 Summer Fellowship Program this fall. 

Association of Private Enterprise Education
The Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) is an association of teachers and scholars from colleges and universities, public policy institutes, and industry with a common interest in studying and supporting the system of private enterprise. APEE hosts an annual conference for members to share their scholarly findings and offers a number of awards to recognize individuals who have contributed to the cause of private enterprise. Support for young scholars is often available to attend the annual conference. The association sponsors the Journal of Private Enterprise so scholars may share their research with the wider academic community.

Atlas Network

Ayn Rand Institute
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest, Student Club Resources, Debate Resources, Internships, Online Objectivist Academic Center, Careers and Career Advice.

Bill of Rights Institute
Essay Contests, Internships, Constitution Resources, Seminars, Lesson Plans, Primary Sources, Documents for Writing Papers on American Constitutionalism

C.S. Lewis Institute
Founded in 1976 in the legacy of C.S. Lewis, the Institute endeavors to develop disciples who will articulate, defend, and live their faith in Christ in personal and public life. What We Believe We wholeheartedly accept the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed and the other ecumenical creeds for the church. Below is a brief summary of our core convictions for contemporary times. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in a loving unity of three persons: the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe in the full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, in His present rule as Head of the Church and in His personal return in power and glory.

Canada World Youth
Canada World Youth (CWY) is a world leader in the development of international educational programs for youth aged 15 to 25. We work with countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.  Since 1971, the CWY program has made it possible for more than 31 000 young people from 67 countries to have safe and meaningful international experiences, learn about other cultures, and contribute to the well-being of their own communities.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit citizen’s group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government. The CTF was founded in Saskatchewan in 1990 when the Association of Saskatchewan Taxpayers and the Resolution One Association of Alberta joined forces to create a national taxpayers organization. Today, the CTF has 70,000 supporters nation-wide. Interested in an internship with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF)? The CTF offers full and part-time, paid and volunteer internship opportunities in our Ottawa office. Our internship program offers post-secondary students and recent graduates the unique opportunity to work along side provincial communications directors and our national research director, conducting research and advocacy work.

Carpe Diem Study Abroad
As a program we take a stand for alternative education, for decency, for peace, for bringing out light into the world, and for living without compromising our own personal integrity.

Catholic Christian Outreach
Missions to Africa (2014), Yukon (February 2014 Spring Break), Impact Victoria, and Quebec City Mission (Summer 2014).

Cato Institute
Cato offers internships, student contests, essay contest, video contests, scholarships to attend the annual Cato University, and much more.

Chagnon Foundation
Through community service, adventure travel, language study, home stays, and authentic cultural exchange our students receive insight into themselves while cultivating a sense of love and understanding for the areas in which they are traveling and the people with whom they interact. As an organization we take a stand for integrity, decency, mother earth, peace, and for living without compromising our own personal integrity.

Charles Koch Foundation
The Charles Koch Foundation was established in 1980 by Charles G. Koch in order to advance social progress and well-being through the study and advancement of economic freedom. Through the Foundation’s history, it has supported the study of economic freedom through grant giving and support for professional education programs.

Civitas Canada
As a strictly non-partisan “society where ideas meet”, Civitas is the premier venue in Canada where people interested in conservative, classical liberal and libertarian ideas can not only exchange ideas, but meet others who share an interest in these rich intellectual traditions.

Claremont Institute
The mission of the Claremont Institute is to restore the principles of the American Founding to their rightful, preeminent authority in our national life. These principles are expressed most eloquently in the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that “all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” To recover the founding principles in our political life means recovering a limited and accountable government that respects private property, promotes stable family life, and maintains a strong national defense. Founded in 1979, the Claremont Institute publishes the Claremont Review of Books, sponsors Publius and Lincoln Fellowships for rising young conservative leaders, and administers a variety of public policy programs, including Americans for Victory Over Terrorism, our Ballistic Missile Defense Project, the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, the Center for Local Government, and the Salvatori Center for the American Constitution. Our staff regularly provides commentary on current events for national print and broadcast media. Our family of websites includes our homepage, http://www.claremont.org, our Victory Over Terrorism site, http://www.avot.org, and our missile defense site, http://www.missilethreat.com. The Claremont Institute’s work is national in scope, but gives special emphasis to the problems of our country’s most populous state, California, where the Institute is based.

Claremont Institute Publius Fellowship
Publius Fellowships are awarded to highly qualified college seniors, recent college graduates, and graduate students pursuing careers in politics, scholarship, or journalism. A stipend, travel expenses, and housing are included in the fellowship.

Competitive Enterprise Institute
The CEI intern program seeks to help interested undergraduates, recent college graduates, and graduate students learn about the ideas of liberty and help to promote them by pairing them with a member of CEI’s policy, development, media, or administrative staff.  CEI’s Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellowship is a one-year fellowship that aims to provide journalists the opportunity to improve their knowledge of free markets principles and limited government through interaction with CEI policy experts.

Culture, Diversity, Success International
A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Cultural Vistas has used career exploration to facilitate connections between Americans and international visitors for more than 60 years. Our Mission Cultural Vistas is committed to its mission to enrich minds, advance global skills, build careers, and connect lives through international exchange. Our Name In July 2011, we ushered in a new era proudly unveiling the name for our recently-merged nonprofit. We believe that Cultural Vistas speaks to the global landscape that we seek to broaden as an organization; and embodies our commitment to delivering enriching and meaningful cultural learning opportunities through our exchange programs. We are providing experience for the global workplace. These experiences create greater cultural understanding and cooperation to pursue new opportunities and solve key issues facing our world.

Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project
Fellowships, summer seminars, etc.

Eric Voegelin Institute
The Eric Voegelin Institute was established in March 1987 as part of the College of Arts and Sciences at LSU. It honors the memory of one of the greatest scholar-teachers in the history of the University, where he was a faculty member from 1942 to 1958. Eric Voegelin came to America as a refugee from Nazi Germany after being fired at the University of Vienna in 1938 because of his resolute scholarly opposition to Adolf Hitler. He became one of the first three Boyd Professors at LSU and now is recognized as one of the premier minds of the twentieth century. The Eric Voegelin Institute itself is a humanities and social sciences research institute, devoted to the revitalization of teaching and understanding of the “great books” of Western civilization in comparison with other traditions.

Extreme Missions
Extreme missions respond to areas/communities of the world in greatest need. Our mission work integrates serving the material needs as well as the spiritual needs of the people. (Catholic Mission Trips)

Faith Act Fellows
The Faiths Act Fellowship was an international programme, launched in 2009, that brought together exceptional future leaders inspired by faith to serve as interfaith ambassadors for the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Florida State University College of Law Summer Seminar for Undergrads
The 2013 Florida State Law Summer for Undergraduates Program will take place May 20 through June 13, 2013.  Our Program is the largest of its kind and has become a model for other law schools nationally.  Thanks to the continued support and generosity of Florida State Law alumnus Wayne Hogan (’72), president of Terrell Hogan, and his wife, Patricia, the Summer for Undergraduates Program has a financially secure future.  In 2000, the Hogans designated part of a $2 million gift to the law school to endow the program.  Their 2003 gift of an additional $1 million allows the law school to permanently maintain the size of the program at approximately 60 students each year.

Foundation for Economic Education
We invite you to take part in the battle of ideas. Our distinguished faculty and liberty-loving colleagues create an environment that is both challenging and enlightening, providing what is consistently regarded as a memorable, life-changing seminar. Seminars on Current Events, History, Austrian Economics, Communicating Liberty, etc. High school seminars are also available. FEE has internships and student contests. FEE is known as “the original free market organization” in America.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Foundation for Teaching Economics

Foundation for Teaching Economics:

Fraser Institute
Seminar program: Register for our free one-day seminars and take part in lively discussions about key public policy and economic issues. Internship program: Learn rigorous research methods and gain valuable experience working on public policy issues as an intern at the Fraser Institute. Student bursaries: Some Fraser Institute events are available to students free of charge. Contact us at student@fraserinstitute.org for more details. Annual Video Contest: Theme announced annually.

Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Fulbright Scholarships

Global Changemakers Programme

Great Hearts Academies 
A series of seminars, workshops, and lectures designed to aid our pursuit of life-long learning. 

Heritage Foundation

Hertog Political Studies Program





French Language Summer Bursary Program Discover another region of Canada and use this opportunity to improve your knowledge of French. Explore offers you five weeks full of opportunities to make discoveries, meet new people, and exchange ideas in a stimulating setting for learning your second language. Experience something new. Explore your country and your personal capabilities! Participants in Explore receive a $2,000 bursary covering tuition fees for the course, instructional materials, meals, and accommodation. Explore offers courses adapted to your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), as well as many activities allowing you to meet with others from across the country who wish to improve their second language.

Jamie Anderson Parliamentary Internship Program
Every year, we will provide one or more young Canadians with a four month opportunity to work in the office of a federal Member of Parliament. Our focus will be on providing opportunities for summer employment that run from May to September. Each intern will be provided with a stipend of $2,000 per month, paid directly by the internship program.


Lumen Christi Institute 
Seminars on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. These seminars are open to graduate students in the appropriate areas of study. Room, board, and a travel stipend will be included for those whose applications are accepted. Each seminar will include five days of intensive discussion based on close reading of the assigned texts as well as daily presentations given by the professor and student participants. A deep knowledge of the material is not required to apply. The goal of each seminar is twofold: first, to enable participants to gain mastery over the material under discussion, both for teaching and research purposes; and second, to deepen participants’ understanding and awareness of the Catholic intellectual tradition. Please visit the links below to apply.

Toastmasters International

Institute for Economic Affairs

Institute for Economic Studies

The aim of The Institute for Economic Studies Europe is to stand at the center of a worldwide network of students, scholars and other intellectuals. Since 1989, the Institute, a non profit organization registered in the state of Virginia, has aimed at discovering, developing and supporting the most outstanding people it could find among students, scholars and other intellectuals who share an interest in exploring and applying the principles of classical liberalism. For that purpose, IES uses or supports three different tools of teaching or of research. Every year we organize summer seminars somewhere in Europe, a summer university in Aix-en-Provence, France, and sponsors researchers or translations of major books.

Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminars

Institute for Justice

Institute for Liberal Studies

The Institute for Liberal hosts a variety of events comprising campus seminars, guest speakers and advanced seminars. On campus events take place from September to March, while the Liberty Summer Seminar is held in late July. There are also essay contests and additional student opportunities to explore the ideas of liberty.

Institute for Research on Public Policy

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Intercollegiate Studies Program Honours Program

Interfaith Youth Core

International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics

International Students for Individual Liberty Conference

The International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) is an association of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a free and peaceful world, respect for individual rights and liberties, and an open and competitive economic system based on voluntary exchange and free trade. ISIL currently has members and representatives in over 100 countries. Members and affiliated organizations pursue our goals through independent action, using their own freely-chosen strategies. The association exists to promote the exchange of information and ideas, to study diverse strategies, and to foster fellowship.

Israel for Free- Birthright Israel

Tour Israel with the most popular Canadian trip organizer. Socialize with your Jewish Canadian peers. Meet and travel with Israeli soldiers. Swim in the dead sea, dance in a Tel Aviv nightclub, and drink in a Golan winery. Canada Israel Experience (CIE) is proud to be the largest and most experienced Taglit-Birthright Israel trip organizer in Canada. Since its launch in February 2000, over 15,000 Canadians who have participated on a Taglit-Birthright Israel program have traveled with CIE.

John Jay Institute

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Learn more about how it works.

Leadership Institute

Leo Strauss Center
The Leo Strauss Center seeks to promote the serious study of Leo Strauss’s thought primarily through the preservation and publication of the unpublished written and audio record that he left behind. Leo Strauss is increasingly recognized as one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. His research stimulated significant developments in the study of ancient and modern political philosophy, American political thought (especially the founding), classics, Jewish studies, and Islamic studies, among other fields. He is widely known for defending natural right, especially in its classical form, against the challenges of relativism and historicism, reopening the quarrel between the ancients and the moderns in political philosophy, emphasizing philosophy as a way of life, sharply criticizing value-free social science, stressing the centrality of the theological-political problem, and distinguishing between the exoteric and esoteric teachings of writers of the past. Strauss published penetrating interpretations of writings by a wide range of figures, poets as well as philosophers, going far beyond the conventional canon of figures studied in the field of Western political theory, including not only Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Marsilius of Padua, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Rousseau, Burke, Nietzsche, Weber, and Carl Schmitt, but also the Bible, Aristophanes, Xenophon, Lucretius, Al-Farabi, Judah Halevi, Maimonides, Lessing, Moses Mendelssohn, Herman Cohen, and Heidegger. Scholars for generations to come will respond to his challenging interpretations of fundamental texts.

Liberty Fund

Liberty Guide
Seeking a full-time job or internship in policy, journalism, marketing, development, or advancing liberty? Looking for essay contests, scholarships, events, conferences or seminars on liberty? Wondering what a think tank is? Need advice for your journalism career? Ever wonder who Adam Smith is?

Living Greek in Greece
Living Greek in Greece is an introduction to spoken Attic Greek.   It is intended for graduate students, advanced undergraduates, high-school Greek teachers, and classics professors who would like to experience Ancient Greek as a active language.  In exceptional cases, graduating high-school seniors may be admitted.  Unlike Living Latin in Rome, this course assumes a thorough knowledge of Attic Greek grammar and proficiency reading intermediate Attic texts and Homer.  All participants should have at least two years of undergraduate Greek or the equivalent and should feel comfortable reading basic Attic prose.  No experience speaking Ancient Greek is required.

Living Latin in Rome

This intensive, five-week Latin language course has two purposes: providing a continuous period of study of Latin and introducing students to the most important ancient sites of Rome and its surrounding areas.

The course meets five days a week for four hours a day (divided into two sessions) and combines traditional classroom instruction with the active use of Latin as a living language.  Each afternoon, students meet in the classroom to read through a well-known passage from Latin literature connected with an ancient Roman site.  The following morning’s session uses the city as a classroom.  Students visit the site referenced in the morning’s readings and work with the instructors in small groups, using Latin actively to interact with each other and the site they are visiting.  Grammar, vocabulary and syntax seen in the morning’s reading are reinforced and practiced in a memorable and authentic setting.

Manhatten Institute

Manning Centre for Building Democracy
The Manning Centre for Building Democracy is a federally registered non-profit organization founded in 2005 by Preston and Sandra Manning. Their mission is to identify, develop, and support political entrepreneurs who can advance our common vision of a free and democratic Canada guided by conservative principles.

March of Remembrance and Hope
The March of Remembrance and Hope (MRH) Canada is a weeklong study and leadership mission in Germany and Poland. Its goal is to educate students from all backgrounds about the horrors of anti-semitism and racism, and to teach them about the consequences of hatred, bigotry and prejudice. MRH is a journey of hope. While it honours the memory of what is arguably the most horrific period in human history, it also enables students to bear witness to the resilience, the heroism, and the perseverance displayed by the victims and by the rescuers alike, and to return home after the trip inspired to actively promote respect, inclusiveness and social cohesion.

McConnell Foundation
Our vision at the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation is a Canada where all people feel a sense of belonging and contribute as active citizens to improving the well-being of all.

Me to We: Take Action Leadership Summer Academy

Mercatus Centre

Mises Institute

Mises Institute of Canada

Mont Pelerin Society and Hayek Essay Contest
After World War II, in 1947, when many of the values of Western civilization were imperiled, 36 scholars, mostly economists, with some historians and philosophers, were invited by Professor Friedrich von Hayek to meet at Mont Pelerin, near Montreux, Switzerland, to discuss the state and the possible fate of liberalism (in its classical sense) in thinking and practice. The Hayek Essay Contest is open to all individuals 35 years old or younger. Entrants should write a 5,000 word (maximum) essay. . Essays must be submitted in English only. Electronic versions should be sent to: mps@heritage.org. Prizes are given to the top three essays and include a Hayek Fellow cash award plus a travel grant* to our Society’s next General Meeting. The essays will be judged by an international panel of three senior members of the Society.

Montreal Economic Institute
The Montreal Economic Institute is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit research and educational organization. Through its publications, media appearances and conferences, the MEI stimulates debate on public policies in Quebec and across Canada by proposing wealth-creating reforms based on market mechanisms. It does not accept any government funding. They have internships, conferences, and travel stipends.

National Evangelization Teams (NET)

Pacific Research Institute

Property & Environment Research Center
PERC offers graduate and undergraduate colloquiums, fellowships and other opportunities to students interested in preserving and protecting the environment whilst also preserving the free market and principles of liberty.

Reason Foundation

Reflections on Rwanda: Student Trips to Rwanda to Study the 1994 Genocide


Rotary International Youth Exchange

Ship for World Youth
The Ship for World Youth is an international cultural exchange program organised by the Government of Japan. SWY brings together 250 youth from around the world to learn about international cooperation and understanding. Over a two-month period, participants are involved in a wide range of activities aimed at fostering cultural sensitivity, understanding and friendship. Most of the program is conducted onboard the cruise liner Nippon Maru, with some activities scheduled in Japan and several ports that are visited during the program.

Speak Out Student Engagement Initiative

State Policy Network

Students for Liberty
Students For Liberty is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organizations dedicated to liberty. There are conferences, webinars, resources, and related opportunities.

Students on Ice: Educational Expeditions to Antarctica and the Artic
Students on Ice is an award-winning organization offering unique educational expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Our mandate is to provide students, educators and scientists from around the world with inspiring educational opportunities at the ends of the Earth and, in doing so, help them foster a new understanding and respect for the planet.

Summit Ministries

Tax Foundation
We invite you to take part in the battle of ideas. Our distinguished faculty and liberty-loving colleagues create an environment that is both challenging and enlightening, providing what is consistently regarded as a memorable, life-changing seminar.

The American Chesterton Society

The American Conservative Union

The Association of Private Enterprise Education

The Carl Menger Essay Contest (2012)
The Society for the Development of Austrian Economics is pleased to  announce the third annual Carl Menger Essay Contest. The purpose of the  contest is to recognize and encourage undergraduate scholarship in the  Austrian tradition and the broadly catallactic approach to social science  which it represents, an approach common also to the Scottish Enlightenment  of Smith and Hume, the French Liberal School of Say and Bastiat, the  Virginia School of Buchanan and Tullock, the UCLA price theory of  Alchian and Demsetz, and the Bloomington School of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom, among others. We invite essays that explore, advance, challenge, or apply the ideas of these and related schools of thought. Three winners will each receive $600 conditional on attending and presenting their essays at the  Society’s meetings at the Southern Economic Association conference (southerneconomic.org).  The conference takes place on  November  16-18, 2012 at the  Sheraton New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. Accommodations will be provided at the conference hotel and the cost  of the SDAE dinner will be covered, but winners are responsible for travel and registration.

The Fund for American Studies

Tikvah-Hertog Program in Jewish Political Thought
Summer Seminars The Tikvah Fund sponsors and produces a variety of academic seminars every summer. You will find our 2012 roster listed below. These seminars are still being planned, so please check back for more in the next months. Students may apply to

VESA: Volunteer Eco Students Abroad
Volunteer Eco Students Abroad (VESA) is a unique volunteer organization whose sole aim is to provide university students and other like minded people with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves within a country through our tailor made program of meaningful community based volunteer work and adventure tourism. Our programs are designed to provide a balance between the selfless act of giving something back to those less fortunate through meaningful volunteer work whilst exploring an exciting new country in the adventure trip of a lifetime.

Witherspoon Institute
The Witherspoon Institute is an independent research center that works to enhance public understanding of the moral foundations of free and democratic societies. Located at Whelan Hall (pictured) in Princeton, New Jersey, the Institute promotes the application of fundamental principles of republican government and ordered liberty to contemporary problems through a variety of research and educational ventures. The Witherspoon Institute carries out its educational mission through the scholarly work of the Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution and the Center on Ethics and the University. These two centers provide opportunities to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to examine the moral foundations of political, philosophical, and social thought and to assist leading scholars in performing rigorous scholarship, often from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Young America’s Foundation – The Conservative Movement Starts Here.

Young Americans for Liberty!



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