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Amanda (Action) Achtman is Authentic, Ambitious, and Albertan and has an apparent appreciation for alliteration! She recently completed her degree in political science at the University of Calgary. Amanda enjoys attending seminars and conferences hosted by think tanks and educational foundations. She is passionate about advancing respect for life and liberty combined with responsibility and an appreciation of tradition. Her scholarly interests include: philosophical anthropology, phenomenology, bioethics, theology of the body, Catholic social teaching, politics and correspondence, and empirical political theory. Amanda is a recipient of the Senator Stan Waters Memorial Scholarship (2012), Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Citizenship Medal (2010), Premier’s Citizenship Award (2009), and the Knights of Columbus Respect for Life Oratorical Contest Top Speaker Award (2007 and 2008). She enjoys learning about energy politics, studying Latin, writing op-eds, traveling, reading, speaking, volunteering, hiking in the Rockies, stampeding, and studying in her favourite coffee shops.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/achtman
Twitter: @AmandaAchtman


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Amanda, hello Calgary, Alberta girl,
    I have read all of your articles thus far. You are a delight! I feel grateful that compassionate human beings with a thirst for knowledge and understanding like you exist. It was a delicious opportunity to have met you in Calgary and in Ottawa. I thoroughly enjoyed our passionate conversation! Keep your energy strong and your questioning brilliant!

  2. Hello Amanda,
    I appreciated your description/summary of the GKC Conference in Reno, NV.
    I like reading Chesterton, and, since I reside in Reno, decided to attend the Conference (my first one!) this year. All in all, it was a good conference, and I’m glad I attended. I liked some of the speakers / presenters more than others. One thing I did notice, though, was the lack of women— Nancy Carpenter Brown did speak on Frances Chesterton’s poetry—and people of color presenting/speaking at the conference. I’m wondering if this is by design or are women and/or people of color not as interested in Chesterton? Food for thought. Anyway, thanks again for posting your article.

  3. Great to meet you at the Witherspoon Conference. Finally checked out your web site. I’m very impressed. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Amanda,

    I just met your parents at St.Mary’s. Your mother suggested I check out your blog. Congrats on your acceptance to the Philosophy program at the John Paul II Pontifical University in Poland! I am currently studying to complete a BA in Liberal Studies with a combined concentration in Science and Catholic Studies at St.Mary’s, and will be volunteering with L’Arche as part of a service learning course (Catholic Social Thought). Your Mom mentioned you have volunteered with L’Arche as well! I look forward to exploring your blog. Keep posting! 👍

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