Academic Writing

Harper or The Democratic Tyrant
A contemporary dialogue in the spirit of Xenophon’s Hiero

About the original text: “Hiero is a minor work by Xenophon, set as a dialogue between Hiero, tyrant of Syracuse, and the lyric poet Simonides about 474 BCE. In it Xenophon argues that a tyrant does not have any more access to happiness than a private person. The dialogue—like many of Xenophon’s works—does not receive much scholarly attention today. However, it was the nominal subject of Leo Strauss’ analysis On Tyranny, which initiated his famous dialogue with Alexandre Kojève on the role of philosophy in politics.” – from Wikipedia

A Contemporary Melian Dialogue or On the HHS Mandate
Thucydides wrote his History of the Peloponnesian War about the epic war between the Athenians and the Spartans. Aiming to provide an objective account, he said, “My work is not a piece of writing designed to meet the taste of an immediate public, but was done to last forever.”

The above link is to a contemporary version of Thucydides’ famous “Melian Dialogue” that I wrote about the issue of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Mandate in the United States in order to demonstrate that Thucydides’ History is about human nature and that we can observe these same sort of politics in current affairs as was shown between in Thucydides’ dialogue between the Athenians and the Spartan ally the Melians.

Striking the Delicate Balance between Flattery and Mockery in Democratic Oratory:
A Discussion of the Structure of Pericles’ Funeral Oration
In Athens, democratic politicians like Pericles aimed to strike a balance between flattery and mockery in their oratory. They flattered to court the favour of the demos. Then, they mocked in order to deride hoi polloi into dependency on the speaker for their own esteem and sense of purpose.

From Aspiration to Desperation: An Analysis of Leader Danielle Smith’s Rhetoric
Danielle Smith’s move away from results-oriented language focused on people to process-oriented language focused on policies has resulted in the Wildrose lexicon shifting from aspiration to desperation. This trend will be explored through an analysis of her Leadership Acceptance Speech (Smith, 2009), a Policy Speech (Smith, 2010), and an Annual General Meeting Speech (Smith, 2011).

Entrepreneurship and the Family
In this essay, I define and explain entrepreneurship, consider entrepreneurship in the history of early Calgary and in the historical period post-WWII-2000s, and demonstrate through case studies how entrepreneurship is a thread that weaves generations together on both sides of my family.

Conviction with Compassion 
Knights of Columbus Respect for Life Oratorical Contest Winning Speech AB/NWT Region, 2008.

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